Revelstoke Art Alleries

Site: Revelstoke, BC


Collaborators: Rob Buchanan | LUNA Festival


An outdoor gallery in Revelstoke, BC transforms gray alley walls into a colorful art experience. A project designed and executed with sustainability in mind, the artworks and their frames are made with recycled materials and second-hand skis and snowboards. The entire installation is lit by solar-powered lighting, bringing brightness to space without straining local resources. Keeping with the mission of sustainability, the organizers chose ALTO™ Aluminum panels for its eco-friendly and recyclable features. Revelstoke, a ski destination, endures cold winters, requiring any outdoor installations to be fabricated with durable, cold-weather materials. 


Art Alleries is a city revitalization project, aimed at engaging residents and tourists in the local art scene. The installation features art that honors the local landscape as well as iconic artworks like the Mona Lisa (in this iteration, known as the Mona Skisa by Leonardo da Vinski).