Why You Need Quality Mounting Systems for Signage

A sign can be a simple thing. In its basic form, it is just a panel, perhaps of wood or metal, attached to a post. There’s a charm to the sight of a hand-painted wood sign pointing the way to a farmhouse or local attraction.

When you need signs made to last though, painted panels just don’t cut it. As businesses, attractions and cities grow, they invest in better and better signage, something made to last. That often means moving to better materials and graphic design, and entire wayfinding and placemaking systems.

Investing in custom signs and panels is a great project, but it’s easy to get carried away in design details and forget one of the most important elements of the project- the mounting system. Ultimately, a sign or panel won’t do any good unless it has a good, solid base that’s built to last. Whether it’s a park sign, an interpretive panel at a historical site or a large mural, there’s no room for DIY or mistakes.

As sign manufacturers, we include mounting systems with all of our signs. They are engineered to work with ALTO™ panels, and to be easy to install and maintain.

ALTO™ Mounting Systems Protect Your Investment:

  • With many bases set into concrete, changing mounts is difficult and costly; a durable product means fewer changes and repairs, offering a real return on investment over time.

  • Made to last with powder-coated aluminum that doesn't rust, corrode or chip.

  • As bases are engineered to work with ALTO™ products, these bases ensure signs and panels stay strong, secure and more resistant to daily wear and tear.

  • Anti-vandal hardware keeps valuable signs safe from opportunistic thieves or vandals.

  • A safer environment for visitors, staff, volunteers and anyone else interacting with the signage, thanks to securely installed signs and panels.

Types of Mounts

New! Slip-On Mount


This option was developed to be an eco-friendly alternative, as it lets you use any wood post as a base. The slip-on mount is a powder-coated metal adaptor that easily installs onto a 4x4 wood post. Panels are screwed into the mount, then placed onto the post, making it easy to change signs without overhauling the entire mounting system. It’s a cost-effective solution that requires fewer materials and less time when changes are needed.

Single Pedestal


Used for signs or panels up to 36” (typically, you see signs of 24"x26" on this type of mount), this is popular option for informational and wayfinding signage. It is discreet and doesn’t distract from the surroundings or the panel itself. For this solution, the sign will be angled at 45 degrees to make it easier for people to read. The standard single pedestal comes in black-powder coated aluminum, but there is also a sublimated wood grain option. It’s a great way to get the look of wood, without all the maintenance and drawbacks of the real thing.

Double Pedestal


The double pedestal is similar to the single pedestal mount, but is used for signs 36” and over that need a little more support. Like the single pedestal mount, the panels will be at an angle for easy viewing. Since this is for larger signs, double pedestal mounting systems are often installed at trailheads, entrances and in museums for higher visibility. This mounting system also comes in a wood-grain finish for a more natural look, or you can go with a standard black.

Colonial Mount


The most popular choice for entrances, trailheads and anywhere else you need high-impact signage, the colonial is a vertical mount with one or two upright posts. Panels can be double stacked to include more information and visuals, likes maps and regulations. This option also allows you to have double-sided signs and comes in a variety of size options, depending on your needs. For this system, we also offer the wood grain finish for the posts.

Wall Mount


As mural fabricators, our wall-mount systems are engineered to be secure, easy to install and discreet. Whether you’re installing a large-format mural or wall-mounted panels, this is the way to go to eliminate bulky frames and difficult installation processes. Part of the mounting system is affixed to the wall, and the other part comes pre-installed on the panels; the two join together seamlessly during installation. Once mounted, panels are approximately 1.5” from the wall, making it a low profile and secure solution. No frames are required, as ALTO™ panels have smooth and finished edges that don’t need to be hidden away.



Like the single pedestal, the podium mount is a simple solution for displaying signs and panels at an easy viewing angle. Panels for this type of mount can be up to 24” high by 48” wide but can also be used for smaller panels. This type of base is often used in city environments in areas where tourist information needs to be prominently displayed and can also be used in open-air museums to display visuals and other information near points of interest or important objects.

To see the full video of our mounting solutions to find out what is best for your needs, check out our videos on YouTube and IGTV (@altoaluminum)

You can also see all our mounting solutions here.

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