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Large Format Murals - Cladding - Building Accents - Facade Decoration

#MaterialMonday ALTO™ Textures

How to Get Architectural Looks with ALTO Aluminum - Powder Coated Graphics

Create signature architectural experiences with building skins built with ALTO™ panels, perforated panels and custom shapes on facades.


A sustainable, cost-effective and durable material, ALTO™ allows designers and architects the freedom to apply bold colors and custom graphics to building skins. 


Engineered for exterior applications, ALTO™ resists UV damage, harsh weather, graffiti, vandalism, scratches and fading.


More than just a pretty face, ALTO™ panels can be used for shade, climate control and to protect the structural integrity of the building.

ALTO™ Aluminum signs are made with Grade 5052 aluminum, an aluminum alloy known for its strong, ductile and light-weight profile. It is corrosion-resistant, especially in salt-water and marine atmospheres, and is not affected by heavy rains or high humidity.


ALTO™ performs well at any temperature but is at peak performance in cold climates. The powder-coating process adds a further layer of protection against the elements and makes it ideal for long-term outdoor use.

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