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Theme Parks - Water Parks - Zoos - Museums - Stadiums - Restaurants - Retail Spaces - Resorts and Hospitality

Walls - Ceilings - Floors - Reception Desks - Tables - Displays

Since 2006, major brands from the retail, entertainment, hospitality and cultural industries have trusted our firm and ALTO™ with their image. As fabricators, we create everything from individual branded elements like ceilings, tables, walls, desks and displays, to full branded environments. We are responsible for reproducing the most iconic logos and characters in the retail and entertainment industries.


ALTO™ can be found in several of the biggest theme parks in the world, and was chosen for its unique ability to withstand high temperatures, humidity, marine atmospheres, extreme sun exposure and heavy traffic. Our expert color-matching and quality-control measures ensure that brand colors, logos and graphics meet the exacting standards of our clients.


Pre-fabricated ALTO™ is easy to install, making it the ideal choice for firms working on large projects with multiple providers.

ALTO™ Aluminum signs are made with Grade 5052 aluminum, an aluminum allow known for its strong, ductile and light-weight profile. It is corrosion-resistant, especially in
salt-water and marine atmospheres, and is not affected by heavy rains or high humidity.


ALTO™ performs well at any temperature but is at peak performance in cold climates. The powder-coating process adds a further layer of protection against the elements and makes it ideal for long-term outdoor use.

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