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Artist FAQ: What You Need to Know About ALTO™ and Public Art

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

For an artist, quality reproduction is paramount. Traditional printing and reproduction methods often don't meet the needs of large-scale public art installations. Durability, vibrancy, easy maintenance and long-term security are just a few of the challenges facing anyone working on a public art project, and we've developed the the solution.

Whether you're an artist looking to take your art into the public sphere, a design firm searching for durable exterior materials, or a cultural organization looking for ways to color your community, this FAQ is designed to answer your questions.

Here are the top questions we are asked by artists

1. How do you reproduce the artwork?

We start by getting high-resolution images of artwork, be they digital artwork or photos or photographs of physical paintings or drawings. Every image goes through an in-depth pre-press process, during which our graphic design t