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ALTO Aluminum Social Sharing Rewards

ALTO™ Social Sharing Rewards

If you have photos, videos or want to share the story of your ALTO™ project,we want to hear from you. Share, tag or blog, get gift card rewardsto treat yourself to something fun!

ALTO Aluminum Share Rewards


If you’re a social media beginner, you can simply email us your photos or give us a tag on one of your accounts! 

ALTO Aluminum Believer Rewards


Love making IG Stories and putting great content out on social media? This is the reward level for you.

ALTO Aluminum Hero Rewards


Social media and blog masters, we want to feature your company and content!


Share Rewards_

  • Email us photos of your installed ALTO™ project

  • Post your project on social media using @altoaluminum or any of these hashtags and get an additional $10:






ALTO Aluminum Custom Digital Powder Coated Graphics
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Believer Rewards_

  • Post and tag a photo with people interacting
    with your ALTO™ project

  • Send us a review of the ALTO™ product

  • Mention us on your blog featuring new
    ALTO™ projects

  • Share your ALTO™ project story and photos with us
    in an email and we'll also feature you on our blog!

ALTO Aluminum Custom Digital Powder Coated Graphics
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Hero Rewards_

  • Do an interview with us about your ALTO™ project
    (and share photos) and we will feature you on our blog!

  • Feature us on a blog on your website about
    a project using ALTO™

  • Share a video of your ALTO™ project

ALTO™ Aluminum Custom Digital Powder Coated Graphics.
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Upload your photos here and we will contact you about choosing your gift card.

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