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The ALTO™ process has been refined since 2007 into a uniquely durable, eco-responsible and vibrant aluminum surface material for large-scale exterior applications. Thanks to the quality of inks and durability of our powder coats, ALTO™ Aluminum panels are trusted by designers, architects and fabricators around the world.


By rounding corners and edges, we produce safe, professional-looking products that come with an added bonus.


Finished edges allow us to wrap graphics around the entire panel, creating seamless image continuation. 

ALTO™ Over the edge Panels
ALTO™ Vibrant Color Panels


Using the Pantone and RAL colors systems, we ensure that finished ALTO™ products meet the aesthetic expectations of artists, designers, and the world’s most iconic brands.


Sublimated colors are vibrant, consistent and rich.


Heat and pressure fuses special dyes into powder-coated aluminum for remarkably durable, super vibrant and highly detailed reproductions of graphics, images and text.


Each project is custom-sublimated, so the options are limited only by your imagination.

ALTO™ Sublimation Transformed Panels
ALTO™ Aluminum Panels - Digital Powder Coating


Aluminum, a modern wonder material, is environmentally-responsible, recyclable and super durable.


ALTO™ uses Grade 5052 aluminum, a lightweight and ductile alloy that is great for use highly humid, marine and cold-weather outdoor environments.

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