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"Your Alto panels were part of a Luna Legacy project called Art Alleries and a huge success. Every time I walk past the alleys now, people are checking out the art, taking photos and generally just using the alleys in a new pedestrian way."


Rob Buchanan,

Revelstoke, BC.

"Producing something in a durable format and getting the colors you want is the most important part of an art project. The colors and the resolution have to be impeccable. It's really an asset to be able to install it outside and to have a guarantee that ensures that the work will remain beautiful." 

Marianne Chevalier

Montreal, QC

"ALTO™ seems to be more vibrant when it comes to the actual print. ALTO™ is very sturdy and its material strength can be advantageous, so in terms of design we can get more creative."


Matthias Reinicke, 

Principal Designer, 

Lime Design

ALTO™ Aluminum provides a lasting, no-fuss solution for signage and wayfinding systems. Because our ALTO system eliminates the need for direct printing, UV and protective coatings and lamination, we can guarantee signs and panels that do not fade, discolor, rust, or delaminate.


Our proprietary heat and vacuum process actually fuses graphics printed with UV inks with durable powder-coated aluminum. Words and images stay as legible and vibrant as the day they were installed. ALTO™ signs are easy to maintain, graffiti-resistant and made of recyclable aluminum, the material of choice for a sustainable future. View our mounting solutions.

ALTO™ Aluminum signs are made with Grade 5052 aluminum, an aluminum alloy known for its strong, ductile and light-weight profile. It is corrosion-resistant, especially in salt-water and marine atmospheres, and is not affected by heavy rains or high humidity.


ALTO™ performs well at any temperature but is at peak performance in cold climates. The powder-coating process adds a further layer of protection against the elements and makes it ideal for long-term outdoor use.

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