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Graphics that take flight

Durable Printing for Large-Scale
Exterior Applications

Developed by the same team of experts that perfected FOLIA™,  the ALTO™ process has been refined since 2007 into a uniquely durable, eco-responsible and vibrant aluminum surface material for large-scale exterior applications.

As specialty printers, we use a proprietary dye-sublimation process to infuse powder-coated aluminum with high-resolution digital images for long-lasting, vibrantly colored, and easy to install panels. ALTO™ is ideal for large-scale public art, mural and building skin projects, as well as multi-site civic projects. 


Thanks to the quality of inks and durability of our powder coats, ALTO™ Aluminum panels are trusted by designers, architects, fabricators, and organizations around the world.

ALTO Aluminum UV Protection Signs

UV Protection

ALTO Aluminum Graffiti Resistant Signs

Graffiti Resistant

ALTO Aluminum Easy Maintenance Signs

Easy Maintenance

ALTO Aluminum Fade Resistant Signs

Fade Resistant

ALTO Aluminum Eco Friendly Signs

Eco Friendly

ALTO Aluminum Fabricates Durable Graphic Materials

Fabricating Durable 
Graphic Materials

2.9+ M ft2 of ALTO & FOLIA Produced

of ALTO™ & FOLIA™ Produced



Installation Sites
around the Globe


Branded, Custom and
PMS Colors Matched



MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility

Salem, OR


2020 SEGD Merit Award in Placemaking & Identity

Six original pieces bring remarkable color and an inspiring message to the exterior walls of this youth correctional facility.


Painted in the artist’s studio, then fused into powder-coated ALTO™, the murals become a part of the architecture.


The material was chosen for its durability and resistance to the highly-humid environment of Oregon.

ALTO Aluminum Exterior Mural with durable and resistant to high-humid environments


Anonymous Somebody Murals
Runnymede TTC Station, Bloor Village West, Toronto, ON

Based on sketches the artist made during his travels on the Toronto subway, Anonymous Somebody tells the stories of the Bloor West Village in a series of brightly colored murals. Celebrating the colorful individuals we meet on our daily commutes, these murals celebrate the past, present and future of a diverse community.

The artist's painting were sublimated onto ALTO™ aluminum, which will resist environmental damage in this high-traffic station where temperature changes and vibrations are the norm.



NYC, 34th Street

Site: 34 Street District, NY



Placed throughout the 34th Street District in New York City, these tall rectangular signs establish a connection to the district’s rich past.

From the Empire State Building to Herald Square to Penn Station, these signs introduce visitors to the exciting history of the Big Apple.

knownyc 9.jpg


ALTO Aluminum Exterior Durable Mural.
One of our satisfied clients


"Since this project would be within reach of tens of thousands of fans every home game, the graphic panels needed to be extremely durable and long-lasting. The panels also needed to reproduce the inductee portraits, text, and color in a clear, high-quality way. ALTO™ was the ideal choice for these reasons."

Artist Louise Griffin trusted us to make her beautiful proyect

Louise Griffin,

"When creating public art, especially an exterior piece, there are a lot of additional requirements around durability, fading and manufacturer’s warranty. Not only does the ALTO™ product hold up to the harshest weather conditions but SH provides one of the best warranties in the profession AND you do not have to sacrifice beauty or design. I love the ALTO™ product. Unlike solid powder coating, ALTO™ can provide a completely custom design filled with a rainbow of bright and intense colors. You create the artwork, submit your high resolution image and the finished product is as bright and beautiful as your digital artwork."


Matthias Reinicke, Principal Designer

“The choice of material is crucial in developing signage because we want to offer the best material for a specific purpose. ALTO™ is more vibrant when it comes to the actual print and is very sturdy. Its material strength can be advantageous when integrated into the construction of a node versus being only the interpretive layer, so in terms of design we can get more creative.”


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