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A Green Choice for Eco-Conscious Public Art

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

ALTO powder-coated graphics mural with abstract plant and nature theme.
Canyon Dreamscape by Olalekan Jeyifous was inspired by the local flora and fauna. Photo by Charles White.

Public art can do a lot of good to support the environment. Everything from murals to installations draw attention to the places that make up our communities, creating a sense of pride and connection, and from there, a drive to keep those spaces beautiful.

The process and materials for public art can also be environmentally conscious. Sourcing eco-responsible materials for public art projects is increasingly important as we consider how our projects impact the health and safety of people and the planet.

These issues have led us here at ALTO™ Aluminum to develop a product that meets the needs of our clients but is also as green as possible.

Less replacing, less waste

One of the benefits of aluminum, the core of our product, is that it is incredibly long lasting. For many applications, long-term durability is essential to avoid replacing panels that could end up faded, damaged or rusted.

Aluminum, as a metal, doesn’t rust or corrode, and is incredibly resistant to humidity, heat and cold weather conditions. It does not degrade like other traditional mural or panel materials, like wood, HPL and other metals.

ALTO powder-coated graphics mural with abstract orange triangle design.
Downey City Library Entry Container Mural by NAC Architecture. ALTO™ makes this project easy to maintain, even in a public space..

Aluminum is one material you can be confident using in almost any environment, and not worrying about temperature extremes or weather conditions affecting the signs or panels for years.