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La Nebuleuse


Site: Elementary School Mural in Saint Hippolyte, QC


Collaborators: Patrick Dionne and Miki Gingras

This interior mural presents a vision of a nebula composed of multiple macro photographic images of plants and flowers.Composed of multiple ALTO™ panels, the mural offers an imagined view of a colorful nebula.

On closer inspection, the veins of plants and flowers are cleverly interspersed with silhouettes of children at play. From afar or up close, this mural pays tribute the small building blocks of life make up an entire universe.

Created and installed in an elementary school, the mural’s contrasting greens and oranges impose a glow over one of the school’s common areas. Colorful and energetic, La Nébuleuse watches over the students, inspiring them to both look closely and dream big.

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